Company Profile

Igiant, formerly the Optics Division under iMagictek, is an Optical design and manufacturing company, which branched out on its own in 2006 to form an independent company. The core technology team consists of experienced and senior optical designers, RD engineers, tooling design/assembly, precision molding engineers to provide total optical and precision molding solution.

Different from the general optical molding manufacturers of horizontal separation model, the optical industry in the value chain are highly connected. In view of this, Igiant integrates optical design, ultra-precision mold manufacturing, micro-molding, lens set evaluation, micro-system automation production etc key technologies and process capabilities, cooperating with several world-class customers and semiconductor manufacturers to develop optical components and into mass production.

Igiant’s current core products consists of customization of mirco CCM, vehicle used CCM, medical endoscopic camera modules and precision microstructure molding products. Igiant’s motto is to meet and exceed customer’s demands and needs.

During a time where micro precision molding is the highest demand, Igiant provides with the customer a total solution starting with the design, tooling manufacturing, product production to increase product development efficiency which enables our customer to be the most competitive in their respective fields.

Company history

  • 2002 Merge of AIM, and established optical business unit of iMagicTek.
  • 2003 Mass production camera module for Hitachi.
  • 2005 Mass production mobile camera module for Asus / NEC / Toshiba .
  • 2006 Spin-off iMagicTek's optical business unit into a company, established iGiant Optics Co., LTD. in Taiwan Hukou and factory in China Wuxi. Production Samsung mobile camera module.
  • 2007 Mass production mobile camera module for ST Microelectronics .
  • 2009 Mass production wafer level high temperature lens, providing Nokia mobile project.
  • 2011 Engage with HTC, providing secondary optical lens.
  • 2014 Integrating TOF to perform micro over-molding products.
  • 2015 Providing micro molding parts to leading mobile company.


  • To create innovative design with non-parallel customization ability and added-value.
  • To collaborate with World-leading brands and EMS companies for an unfaltering partnership.
  • To be the leading company providing the utmost precise and reliable micro molding products.

Tel :+886-3-5984820

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Address:No. 13-1, Zhonghua Road, Hukou Township,Hsinchu County, Taiwan 303