Optical camera module

Due to the ever expanding industry growth, the need for lens module upgrade, megapixel increase, dual cam design and the rising complexity of lens design, iGiant continues to innovate and is the leading designer and maker in this field.

Mobile and 3C consumer product

Due to the rapid increase in technology, complex product requirement and short turn around time, iGiant incorporates the highest software for simulation for the fastest developing time and to shorten RD time period. This is all to allow customer the fastest launch date for their products.


Igiant applied insert molding technology to achieve the precise molding of composite components in the field of semiconductor applications.

Medical optics

Medical-grade products requires the highest hygienic, precision and stability standards. Igiant has developed medical grade micro injection technique and implemented it with precision injection, molding and automation equipment in clean room environment for a complete production system.

Automotive products

IGO is aggressively pursuing the automotive industry with products such as back end, side view and interior camera module. Because there has been a high concentration of assistance parking systems, iGiant will continue to research and develop car products for various other applications.

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