Optical mechanical design

Complete optical design and simulation based on customer specs and requirements. Optical design based on 3D structures to completely analyze and evaluate findings in order to provide CAD/CAM for add on process.

Precision optical molding development

Igiant is comprised of the most professional tooling design, drawing, and assembly team. Igiant owns multiple add on and measuring equipments including ultra precision machining machine, machining centers (vertical spindles), CNC grinding machines, milling machines, CNC EDM (Die-Sinking Type), surface profiler, optical micro-image measurers and 3D scanning & measuring systems etc. We also have an experienced team in this field which ensures our optical tooling and fixtures to meet the most stringent standards.

Because we hold ourselves accountable to deliver products with the highest quality and also in a timely manner, these are the reasons we gain the trust from our customers.

Dual-shot molding and insert molding

Igiant owns insert molding tooling design capability and technology to meet the requirements every different project entails. It also effectively minimizes product development time intervals while providing high quality micro injection products.

Micro molding on composites

With Igiant’s tooling development experience, injection process core technology, aided with mold flow simulation to optimize design, we are able to fulfill our customer’s requirements for over molding.

Optical coating

Using in-house made in Japan Optorun Coating evaporator, we are able to apply low temp AR optical coating based on various requirements.

Clean room operating environment

To create a stabilized environment for production process, iGiant has instilled the entire production line starting with injection to automation process to auto inspection to quality inspection lines all into clean room environments.

Automatic quality measurement

Due to the ever expanding and rapid market growth, the need for greater precision is more than ever before; Thus, iGiant has implemented Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) equipment allowing fully dimensional checking. And our in-house laser 3D nano measurement system allows us for even greater precision for future product development.

Automatic production

All of iGiant’s high precision injection machines are imported from Japan. These injection machines along with our own feeding system setup, mechanical robot and automated inspection equipment together, forms a highly efficient and automated production line.

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